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Beautiful morning is beautiful.

Oh boy. As if I really needed another website to online-window-shop over.

Anyhoo, class canceled today and no work, or at least, I really hope I don't get called up. I have crazy mixed feelings about it. When I'm home, I think of how much it is NOT for me and I should just leave it, but when I'm there and actually attempting to learn how it all works it seems more do-able. I'm just seeing it as an experience and I'm hoping it helps me build character-- doing something I totally do not think is for me and stepping outside my comfort zone (lol terri, it's just a cashier at Jack In The Box, calm down) MMMKAY.

I'm gonna take the day to catch up on my weekly assignments, study a bit, read and relax-- ALL OUTSIDE!
It's too perfectly sunny to not be out. Not to mention the tanning. :P
I HAVE been doing my 365, just haven't edited and all that.

This song cheers me up to unbelievable levels! It makes me just want to go outside and just... be out there. :)
I'm thinking of planting a little veggie garden-- just tomatoes and jalapeños to start out, to get my fingers dirty, make a few mistakes and get super giddy if something actually grows.

Gah! I can't wait for the Strawberry Festival! Spring fever is still rising!
I'm gonna attempt to make a mango-strawberry smoothie (with the Ninja! This thing is awesome, it's genius how the top part is the motor and you can pull the blade out for easy cleaning! </infomercial>) 
Oh but anyway, I had a mango-strawberry smoothie that was off the freakin' roof the other day-- from a supermarket that opened just a few weeks ago, Vallarta, (i think it's crazy how they keep the produce and, pretty much everything there, stocked perfectly and neatly. someone takes an apple and 5 seconds later it's restocked-- it's like OCD status, but it's pretty). That smoothie was crazy good, it tasted so homemade and fresh, so I'm gonna go see if I can recreate that~

[I doubt it made much of a difference but I stretched the layout a bit. I could not find the PS file of the banner and editing it was a pah-een.]

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