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it's a crime to be this happy

I just had to wait to the 1st to update.
I mean, I shamefully missed the first of july so...


Oh man. How my mind has evolved from that last post. I still hold those central thoughts, but oh my lordy lord... the craziness I've felt. Emotional growth, I guess, is the best and least-cheesy way to put it.

Anyhoo, my camera was collecting dust for months and this past weekend I decided to bring it out and make it the photodump of this post. My dad became godfather to a friend's baby, so we had a little party at home (although, for that I used his camera ;P).

But I'll dump those tomorrow instead. Meanwhile, I'm taking two summer classes and finals are next week. It doesn't feel like an overload-- it's just freaking summer and who wants to study? GAH
Like I said in this post, though, I MUST find things to do when I should seriously be studying. Suddenly my dirty/unfolded laundry cries to me, my desk wants to organized, dog should be walked, plants watered (seriously?!).

So I took like an hour to make this and eat it. Strawberries (I used the straw method to "gut" them, genius) and apples. Add 'naners. Add pecan ice-cream. Eat.
Forgot to add Lechera (condensed milk), but I ate that alone after. I know, Mexican diabetes. 

Namine begging for some and my little sister pouty because I wasn't going to share; both had just eaten! ;)

These things taste yummier when someone else makes them... like my mom's.

[taken last spring]
mini 'mallows and cool whip!

[Francisco; Nov 2010]
I've got some nasty Christmas in July fever (well, August). I'm anxious to craft and whatnot, but I make myself busy and don't allow me time. I'm very tempted to wear my grandma-looking Garfield x-mas sweater I got from F21 a few months ago [sale!] to school... Oh, and it's not silly-sounding if you live in the CA central coast, always always foggy/chilly in the mornings. Always. Going to wear that out in a few months.

That is all for August 1st.
Crazy fast year. Craaaazy fast. 'Cause Journal, I haven't even told you everything yet. ;)

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