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No doubt in my mind where you belong.

Didn't keep to blogging schedule as promised... naturally. BUT! Perfect timing.
But I am presently quite stressed, so I figure this is a good a time as any to procrastinate on a 10 page politics paper due in two days. :)

And also introduce someone here. An introduction purposely delayed for reasons... hmm. Yeah. Because tomorrow marks 8 absolutely wonderful months. Well. Following my entry before the last-- which was written before I met him-- I pretty much maintained my view on certainty but on a much more positive note.

I'm with my soulmate. I knew him. I knew he was. Always. Always. And now I'm with him.

There we are in March. We had a date night for just no reason, really. I was genuinely not expecting to open the door to this most handsome gentleman with flowers and chocolate.

But I was expecting the look on his face upon seeing that dress. ;)

(and about him getting that he looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt... I honestly don't see it. okay maybe in that last picture a bit but meh I see Heath Ledger more than JGL. there. said it. just for the record)
 We went to a local restaurant; I had my first 'rare' piece of meat. It was weird, but good. 

February: He made us our first bonfire and I watched my first beach sunset. Goodness...
For some reason this picture looks so intimate to me. The glow of the fire and how we aren't kissing-- we're smiling right on each other. 
Oddly enough I don't feel too comfortable writing our story. Or my story about his story before our story...

And I don't mean the drama surrounding this story.
Him and I alone knowing that story will do for now.

My amazing spring ended on pretty fucking amazing note, too.
We tackled a 12 mile hike on the very first day of summer.

[ Didn't edit these at all, obviously. They are in all their imperfect film glory. Didn't even crop the edges after scanning. ;) ]
We soaked our blistery feet in bath salts (I freaked out and slapped ticks all over his car and bathroom upon finding them on me, nbd) and massaged each other's tired-ass legs with some awesome lavender oil. Love lavender. And of course, I must mention, I almost died climbing this bitch back up. I did. I did almost! LOOK AT THAT THING! 
I cannot, in any way, words or pictures, do justice to that beach. Felt like we were alone in the world for the while we rested there. It was beyond wonderful.

There was only one tiny mishap-- the death of my iPod. It only bummed me out because of the videos I recorded and pictures I took (I geniusly notaword propped it on the strap of the Camelbak there, that black thing on my chest, and let it record as we went along) that were lost. But it gets funny; the iPod (his name was Jake, really) made it home safely. I played Plants vs Zombies while he massaged my feet. Then he washed his backpack and forgot to check one single and very important pocket. Yup. Jake got a wash. Anyway, I refused to let him buy me a new one. Funny and tragic. But you owe me...

July: Strep throat; I risked my perfect health and happily cared for him..............................................

As amazing as it it to be with your soulmate, it's a little scary (back on that certainty point...), I mean, I'm not perfect. Life's not perfect. Although it feels like it is when I'm with you, it isn't. If for any reason or force on earth we could no longer be with each other... I wouldn't regret a single second spent with you. If for any reason... there wouldn't be an ounce of bitterness in me. I'd be beyond happy that I had you at all. Like I was before.
And really, that's a kind of a big thing to say and realize, right? 'Cause I say that with the most honesty.

You have done the most to my heart I've ever allowed anyone. I still get butterflies sometimes, or I'll get that "high-school-girl" feeling when we're together. Sometimes even when we're lazy in bed ("We own pants?") watching Netflix. I could make this the sappiest blog entry in history, but I'll leave that for a few months later. ;)

And M, you know what I told you about writing; my view on it.
(i got a question about why i refer to people with their initials on my blog(s), might as well mention that here too. i've clearly been doing that for a while and the reason is to protect their privacy, on the internet or whatever; chances are i'll use full names on private entries)

Here it is all laid out.
Happy 8 months my love, mi chulo, mi amor, my soulmate.
I can't get enough of your grilled cheeses, your country signin, and your chinky kisses.
Thank you and I love you. (:
"olive juice"


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