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going all out!

So I made a cute little wishlist. Ambitious, I know.
But these are pricey things I've really wanted for a while. Those boots mainly-- my lord, after years I found the perfect pair!
This list is mostly for myself. One, to procrastinate studying for finals. And two, I hadn't used photoshop in a while. Oh and three, because I really do want to end up getting some these things for myself in the near future.

The book-- ohmy! I read it in 7th grade and I'm just itching to read it again. It was the first book that made me appreciate the power of reading, it was crazy. It's a kickass thriller, too.

In no particular order. ;)

Behind this cut!

About the Skin79 BB Cream-- this thing is what started it all. It's been out in Korea (I think) for years. Just recently did the American market start milking this stuff (not very successfully if you ask me). It's supposed to be worn alone, no primer or foundation, and gradually improves skin. I know Garnier and Maybelline have their cute knockoffs, but seriously. One of my best friends has been using it and swears by it. As does the rest of the online make-up world. I would seriously recommend you don't waste your money on the American knockoffs, this one (or the pink bottle) is only a few more dollars. I tried a sample of Maybelline's BB cream and it is basically tinted moisturizer. That IS IT. My face was an oil slick by the end of the day with that stuff. I use Clinique's Even Better products, but I don't notice them doing what they claim; to improve my complexion and require less need for foundation. And really, this is cheaper than Clinique, so. Can't wait to try this!

[PS: omg this song seriously came on Pandora as I was writing this entry. SO adorable jesus christ. Also, wow, LJ. Really really tired of some of your shiz. I hate this new "cut" format... Anyone know how to keep it from doing this "collapse" deal?]

- Terri

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