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Feelin' hot, hot, hot.

And that's about all I know of the song, yet I've got it stuck. =D

Gahh. I love nice people. This is how the people I am nice to and go out of my way to make happy must feel. :) I was hanging around the hallway of the photo/art rooms before class started when Kappen, art teacher, came around. He's extremely charismatic and nice. I was looking at his sketchbook when he said, "See, that's what you would've done if you had stayed in my class." And then I felt bad again for dropping his class. :/ Well, there were scheduling problems. But anyhoo. He passed by again and told me this little childhood story relating to his upcoming birthday and in the end he said, "BUT you'll get the gift without having to go the show, like me." Annnd handed me a new sketchbook. :D Ackk. SO neat. It just made my day. :)))

I need to manage my dang tags. Never even use 'em. :|
Tags: creativity, inspiration

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