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heil kaibah!

Banner change. :D Looks funky... almost exactly the same-- randomly found the file. :3
 A+ for lazy. MOOD CHANGE, also.
Not sure why i'm bothering to choose an icon when i disabled them ftw. I'm feeling an odd feeling. I can't quite explain it, but it's a content feeling, happy and careless, but not in bad careless, despite some vile shit that is bothering me at the moment. I'm somehow going past it.
It NEVER fails. I'm always so pensive and in the best mood, when i'm not with J, at around this time of the day. It's almost always exactly at 1AM! I just don't know what it is about it. The calmness, perhaps.

Ifeel i'm getting fucking stupider. Earlier I spelt 'four' wrong... and... i just did it again. Foar.

I finally wrote on my journal... and i ruined it. But, i was really feeling it... it's just not as poetic and pretty as the type of things i was thinking of writing on it.
"All of the sudden, i just noticed that life... just out of nowhere has begun to move at diarrheal speed.
i doubt it's got any intent of slowing down.
i'm already behind and it feels as if i'll never catch up."

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