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Something else to take up...

I can finally let my creative juices flow instead of just oogling crafty things/projects. I've started taking up sewing. I'll just say... the most i knew, was how to turn on a sewing machine.

She made helped me make this pin cushion from an online sewing class she's taking. eek. :D

i almost gave up on that button... i ended up redoing it when i got home. handstitching was hideous...

I was about to burn this old machine of my mother's because MAN. It could hardly do anything, it's supper small and primitive, doesnt even have a zigzag stitch (or any). Anyway, my dad was interested in me being interested because it reminded him of his mom and sisters and grandma doing this back in the day. He say he'd buy me a better machine annndd he came with one friday. My lil eyes lit up. :D EVEN THOUGH, it wasnt the one i told him i wanted. i'm guessing it's waaaay less popular but meh, it's very similar and obviously more advanced. the screen thing intimidated me, to be honest. :/

Tulip stitch! :D 64 & 65, 70 & 71.

Quilted potholder.

thrifted stuff jo bought me. :)

Haven't named it yet. I'm fearful that something will fuck up with it. Sooo... i'll give myself the 30 days with her and then officially make her mine... Man, if only you could do that with newborns.
Oh, that's morbid.
But if only..

I am currently hearing a kitten crying somewhere outside, mostly like around the neighbors', and IT IS TEARING ME APART. ;_;

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