mischief. mayhem. soap. (dieaku) wrote,
mischief. mayhem. soap.

I am...


I've never felt it before. The shaking, eyes swollen, head throbbing, sunk stomach, heart shattered.

I had never felt it before. I was so proud of that. I was so grateful.

I am in pieces. I am butchered up. I want to rip this aching organ and tear it apart with my bear hands, dig my nails deep and smear it everywhere.
I am shocked, breatheless, used, pathetic, angry, used, lied to, used, toyed with.
Trust is gone. It's left in a desert, in the center, shivering, dying.

I am heartbroken...
I dont know what will happen. If I had a time machine... I would break his head with every piece and screw from it.

Oh, icon... I shouldn't be so glad that I have you...

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